The characteristics of blog type deal stations

Blog type deal sites are a special type of online platform or website that combines blog and discount information, providing users with detailed information, comments, and guides about products, services, and discounts. The main purpose of these platforms is to provide users with content related to discounts, promotional activities, and shopping suggestions.

The characteristics of a blog based deal website include:

Discount Content and Guidelines: These platforms provide discount content for various products and services, including discounted products, promotional activities, discount codes, etc. At the same time, they also provide shopping guides, suggestions, and tips to help users better utilize promotional information.

Detailed reviews and comments: Blog type deal sites usually provide detailed reviews and comments on specific products or services. These reviews and comments can help users understand the performance, quality, and actual value of the product, providing them with reference for making purchasing decisions.

User interaction and feedback: Users can leave comments, ask questions, and share their shopping experience on a blog type deal site. This type of user interaction can promote communication and knowledge sharing, providing more comprehensive information and perspectives for other users.

Professional authors and bloggers: Blog type deals usually have a group of professional authors and bloggers who have professional knowledge and experience in specific fields. They provide professional shopping advice and recommendations to users by writing articles and sharing content.

Regular updates and posts: Blog type deal sites will regularly update their content, publish the latest promotional information and articles. Users can obtain the latest promotional content and updates through subscription, RSS, and other means.

Typical blog type deal sites include DealNews, Hip2Save, etc. These platforms help users make informed shopping decisions and enjoy more discounts and benefits by providing detailed discount information, professional reviews, and shopping guides.

If we want to understand it roughly, community type Deals support editors and members to post, then blog type Deals only support editors to post, and the traffic of community type Deals is often much larger than that of blog type Deals in the same region.

Why do we say that Amazon Vendor sellers have an advantage over third-party sellers in posting on community based Deals? It is because many top community type deal websites in countries now have increasingly high requirements for Amazon third-party sellers to post qualifications, such as:

There are mandatory requirements for the registration location, such as Mydealz in Germany requiring Amazon sellers registered with a German address to be able to post
There are requirements for the feedback of the store, for example, Slickdeals in the United States requires sellers to have a lifetime feedback of 750 or more for their store
There are requirements for the number of product reviews, for example, Redflagdeals in Canada must have a review quantity of 50 or more for products posted on the platform
However, these top community type deal sites have actually relaxed a lot for Amazon Vendor sellers. For example, we all know that Amazon Vendor sellers do not have feedback data, so there is no requirement for the number of feedbacks to be reached when posting. Below, we will interpret the posting requirements for Amazon Vendor sellers on top community type deal sites in corresponding regions based on different Amazon sites. If you belong to Amazon Vendor sellers, then you must not miss this article.