How to increase your sales velocity on Amazon?

When we want to study the strategy of a target brand from the traffic side, we usually focus on the brand’s official website. Most marketing analysis tools now focus on the official website, which is the brand’s own independent website.

Many sellers may think that since I sell on the platform, is it meaningful to study the official website? In fact, for many external promotion channels, whether the final purchase link is placed on an independent website or on a platform, the impact will not be great. Therefore, if we study the official website of the target brand, we can learn many effective promotion methods.

Suppose we are now a mobile phone brand seller on AliExpress, and we want to study how our peers who do better do marketing and promotion outside the site. Let's first open the left column navigation of AliExpress's categories and select the Android phones column.

We can see many mobile phone brands. We randomly selected a brand, Blackview, as the research object.

2. Number of included Blackview websites

In the Google search command, use as a reference to check the number of indexes of the website. The more indexes, the more data of this website is crawled by Google (that is, the information of the other website is crawled by Google). Put it in his database), because if Google includes very few of the website, it means that the website may be very average.

We can see that has 862 pages included, which is pretty good from the perspective of a brand independent website.